". . . little shall I grace my cause

In speaking for myself. Yet, by your gracious patience,

I will a round unvarnish'd tale deliver . . ."

(William Shakespeare's Othello, I.iii.88-90)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sewing 101

I sewed yesterday, and I used this!

Now I know some of my readers--this one, or this one, or maybe this one--are probably shrugging their shoulders and saying, "So what? I do that every day!"

But let me explain. I haven't used a sewing machine since I was a freshman in high school and took home economics. I had a really good teacher (she was married to my algebra teacher--also excellent), and she succeeded in guiding me through sewing a skirt and blouse that I actually wore for a while. But since then my sewing has consisted of the occasional hand-sewn repair, hem, or button.

A few years ago my daughter (who is much more creative than I) started sewing on her own, making clothing for her stuffed animals as well as assorted other items that she dreamed up. As I watched her working entirely by hand I decided to start looking around for a used sewing machine. I ultimately found what I thought was a great buy on Ebay (a Kenmore model complete with cabinet for $10) but upon trying to use it discovered some operational problems. So it sat, awaiting a more mechanically inclined person to come along and get it running. Eventually I sold it (again through Ebay) to someone who was better able to give it the TLC it so obviously needed.

Then a few months ago a dear friend offered me the machine above (in respect of her privacy I won't name her here but will let her "out" herself in the comments if she wants). I brought it home and as the rush of Thanksgiving and Christmas and the New Year ensued, it patiently awaited its first use. That day finally came yesterday! (Yes, I know you sewing types can't believe such a nice sewing machine could sit around unused for 3 months, but remember--I AM NOT A SEAMSTRESS.)

My heart beating, my fingers trembling, my aging eyes straining, I attempted a simple repair job on my falling apart three-compartment laundry bag. And lo and behold, I remembered how to thread the machine! And more amazing still, I sewed! If things continue going this smoothly, my living room windows may yet see some drapes this year!

But first a question to my sewing benefactor (you know who you are): how do you wind those bobbins again?


elephantschild said...


(I was just working on the blue fleece jacket today, by the way. It came out so well, I think I'm going to make a few more for other girls just for fun!)

Barb the Evil Genius said...

Congratulations! Sewing is fun and useful at the same time!

elephantschild said...

Bobbins! Ummm... how about if you call me when we can both sit in front of our respective machines?

Or I can show you when you visit next time!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I find sewing to be very relaxing. . .when it goes well, that is. ;)

Marie N. said...

Congratulations! I used to pull out my mom's old sewing machine every once in a great while (to make curtains or dress-up clothes for the kids) until I broke something nearly two years ago. Now I don't have the heart to find out how much it will cost to fix.

Kim said...

Congratulations on the machine and getting started. We have 2 machines in this house and they've both been working hard this week as dd and I work on our projects. There is just something wonderful about making something yourself :)

Nikki Schreiner said...

Wow! I was so thrilled to see a link to my blog here! I don't know if that's ever happened to me before :) I hope you keep sewing, isn't it therapeutic?