". . . little shall I grace my cause

In speaking for myself. Yet, by your gracious patience,

I will a round unvarnish'd tale deliver . . ."

(William Shakespeare's Othello, I.iii.88-90)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Issues, Etc. Update

You may notice a new feature in my sidebar. It's an automatically updated widget from a new site devoted to providing up-to-the-minute news on the Issues, Etc. situation. Consider adding it to your blog as well!

Pastor Cwirla's Underground is still regularly posting on the topic, as are countless others around the blogosphere. The petition is nearing 5000 signers! From what I can glean from my conversations with others, both in person and in cyberspace, this "issue" is not going away. At this point I have come to accept that Issues, Etc. will not likely return to KFUO, but that is just fine, because I have a feeling that in time it will return on its own terms in a better venue that enables it to reach more listeners with the Gospel than ever before. Please continue to pray for this program, for Pastor Wilken and Mr. Schwarz and their families, for the LCMS, and for those across the country who are working behind the scenes to right this wrong.

1 comment:

HannahJ said...

As of 9:21pm on 3/27/08, there are 5064! (of course, this includes some voided lines, but it's still well above 5K)