". . . little shall I grace my cause

In speaking for myself. Yet, by your gracious patience,

I will a round unvarnish'd tale deliver . . ."

(William Shakespeare's Othello, I.iii.88-90)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Note to Martin Loopers

For my Lutheran homeschooling friends who may not be aware: the reason we have not been able to communicate through the list for the last two days is that Cat 41 is down (without electricity) due to the ice storm. So it's Mother Nature's fault!


Laura said...

Thanks for the info...should we communicate through your blog? :)

Gina said...

Thank you! Poor Cat Mom, now he has to put up with my silly email when he does get up and running again, I should have known to come read blogs first ;)

Melanie T said...

Well, I just sent a note wondering why I haven't received any Looper mail in 48 hours. I also tried to resubscribe. I should have know it was something reasonable.

Do you know if Catmom and his family are okay?

Glenda said...

Thanks for the info Cheryl. I didn't know anything until I was emailing Jenn about our D.C. trip and she mentioned it. It was only then that I realized, oh, *that* is why no one is talking on Loopers. I can be slow some times. But isn't it great to still get a Looper fix surfing blogs or facebook?

beth said...

Thanks from me too, Cheryl. I did the same as Melanie. My inbox was getting to be a lonely place:)

Beth in Central IL

Cheryl said...

For anyone who may not have received this through other channels, here's a note from Pastor S. to Michelle P. on Loopers:

"No, it's just a matter of most of our county (25,000 people or so) being without electricity. We got hit pretty badly, though, thanks be to God, it doesn't look like we're going to have any major damage to the house. (Our shed, otoh, was *crushed* by a tree, and some of our 'favorite trees' will be next fall's 'favorite firewood'!)

God willing, tomorrow evening, Friday morning we should be back in our house (we can heat the basement with propane, but we have no water, since we have a well) and hooked back up...if our phone company gets our connection back up. (I just called home and its no longer a rapid busy signal, but the answering machine didn't come on, so it seems that the phone is back on, but not the electricity...whether the DSL is working may be dependent upon the electricity.)"