". . . little shall I grace my cause

In speaking for myself. Yet, by your gracious patience,

I will a round unvarnish'd tale deliver . . ."

(William Shakespeare's Othello, I.iii.88-90)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Triple Tagged!

This one is called "Seven True Things About Me" and it seems suspiciously similar to the "Eight Things You Might Not Know About Me" meme of a few months back, but hey, who am I to argue? Especially since ElephantsChild finally got her act together and responded to one of these in a timely fashion and since not only did she tag me but so did Mumme Mom and Uvulapie's Girl. (I have never felt so popular!)

So here goes . . .

1) I have a serious sweet tooth, but I just don't get rhubarb pie.

2) I also have issues with brussel sprouts and prunes. One of my elementary school teachers made me eat a prune at lunch one day (do elementary schools even serve such things at lunch anymore?), and unable to swallow the thing I had to retreat to the restroom and spit it out in the trash can. This was obviously a formative experience of catastrophic proportions for me, seeing as how I remember it like it was yesterday.

3) I did not have the best childhood but now have a husband and children that have far surpassed my dearest hopes for family life. After the faith granted to me in baptism and the salvation given upon the cross, they are my greatest blessings.

4) I am too inclined to let daily life drag me down to the point that I forget to be thankful for #3. Please forgive me, dear Father in Heaven.

5) I just became a Crunchy Crustacean in the TTLB ecosystem. I like the sound of that better than Wiggly Worm (which is what I used to be), but I'd much rather be a Flippery Fish like Barb the Evil Genius or maybe even a Flappy Bird--do I even know any Flappy Birds? I know I'll never approach Large Mammal status like my superstar blogging buddy Lora. But one can dream.

6) I am by nature a neat and organized person (one of those oddballs who always kept a clean bedroom growing up), but I am by necessity learning to relax somewhat about cleanliness. There are more important things in life than a clean house. And life goes by way too fast.

7) I am not very domestic and don't quite get the passion (although I completely respect and admire it) that some people have for cooking and sewing and other such home-enhancing activities. If I had more time in my life, I would probably spend it selfishly reading or writing or playing the piano or exercising rather than making my family's life better. Sorry, family. I guess I'm basically a selfish person. But please see #3 above.

The wrap-up to this thing is that I'm supposed to tag 7 other people. So AmusedMomma, Kathy, Kristi, Lisa, Pamela, BelleArtMom, Chris, Susan K., Caitlin, and Barbara, it's your turn! (I know, that's 10, not 7--I guess I just feel like sharing the joy. And in light of #5 above, links back are appreciated!)


elephantschild said...

WELL. I think that you need to list TWENTY-ONE things, since you were triple-tagged. Bwahahaha!

Glenda said...

What in the world is TTLB?

Lisa S. said...

you got me!

Happy Thursday!

I've been tagged by http://www.blogger.com/profile/04817680463922038375 , and now it is your turn.

Seven True Things about Me

1. While I Love Chocolate and Other Sweets, My Favorite Flavors Are Savory. Garlic -- YUM! Butter -- Bring It on! Of Course, Things Don't Look so Good Once They Go through the Blender but My Favorite Breakfast Is a Salad with Lots of Garlic and Olive Oil.

Of Course, I Have To Keep the Vampires Away Somehow Because I'm so Sweet!

2. While I Have Never Been to Madagascar, Japan, and Russia... I Have Friends Who Live There. Some of Them I Met in College When I Was Involved with Campus Crusade for Christ. Some of Them I Met on the Internet.

3. I Can Have a Conversation without Turning It into a Discussion of the Finer Points of Theology, but I'm Not Doing It This Time.

4. I Find Great Delight in the Life That God Has Given Me -- Even If I Am Going to Slap Adam and Eve Silly for Bringing Original Sin into the World.

5. I'm Breathing Well Today! That's Wonderful! Now, If We Could Only Figure out What the Shooting Pains down My Leg Have Been.

6. I Didn't Know What a Crusty Crustacean Is! I Don't Know What the TTLB Ecosystem Is, but It Is At http://truthlaidbear.com/ecosystem.php

7. I'm about ready to get my nieces and nephews to vote for me for president!

I'm tagging Lori and Julie via e-mail. I'm tagging Cheryl at http://roundunvarnishedtale.blogspot.com/2007/10/triple-tagged.html , AJ at http://blog.360.yahoo.com/blog-hVHpY_A5YrY_ut39TlsFDg0-?cq=1 , AC at http://blog.360.yahoo.com/blog-.Z8OHY8ydLEZ4Yqy5CODYEV6kLcwmYOq , Obi-Wan at http://blog.360.yahoo.com/blog-G5Bg3mchcrLx3KGK2k66htMd2MM-?cq=1 , and Teresa at http://lapazfarm.homeschooljournal.net/unit-studies-weve-done/harry-potter-a-term-at-hogwarts/

You can see me at either (http://360.yahoo.com/worthywoman) or (Blog: http://blssdndcnt.blogspot.com/)

AmusedMomma said...


Thanks for your apology about the lighthearted comment on the serious post. No offense was given, so no forgiveness is necessary.

I was a tag virgin before today so I hope I did it all the correct way. ;-)

Cheryl said...

Glenda, TTLB stands for "The Truth Laid Bare." It's a site that tracks the links of blogs that have registered with it and ranks those blogs according to number of links. The "ecosystem" is the ranking system and uses fun names from the animal kingdom. The higest ranking is "Higher Being"--Michelle Malkin is one of those. You can find out more by clicking on the link in my post or sidebar.

Just something fun you can do with your blog if you want!

Barbara Frank said...

Ok, you got me. I'll get back to you after I think of Seven True Things About Me. :)