". . . little shall I grace my cause

In speaking for myself. Yet, by your gracious patience,

I will a round unvarnish'd tale deliver . . ."

(William Shakespeare's Othello, I.iii.88-90)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Denker Photos and a U.S. Open Update

Day One--Arriving at the Marriott--Let's play chess!


Opening Ceremony

Trevor with Bill Hall, Executive Director of the United States Chess Federation

Nice jewelry!

First round, against Matthew Parshall

Final round against Robert Lau

Closing Ceremony - The Winners!

Abby Marshall, first woman ever to win the Denker!

Read Abby's own thoughts on the tournament here.

U.S. Open Update: Trevor ended with 6 out of 9 points, tying for 4th place in the Expert division. He has mixed feelings about that outcome because although it is quite an excellent finish, the pairings/results were such that he essentially came out even in ratings points, losing what he had gained in the Denker tournament. I guess that's the heart of a true competitor--never being quite satisfied, always looking to the future and wanting to do even better. And he will have that chance, as this fall is full of playing opportunities for him. The Chess-Mobile (also known as a Volkswagen Eurovan) is going to be on the road a lot the next few months!

One final note: Trevor's friend and fellow Illinoisan Eric Rosen had a barn burner of a tournament, first drawing one GM and then defeating another! Eric apparently decided it wasn't enough to merely walk through the gate to Master status; no, that gate is meant to be knocked down and flattened! Congratulations, Eric! We are all so proud of you!


Anonymous said...


First, thanks for all your wonderful coverage from Indianapolis.

Second, congratulations to Trevor for his excellent play during this chess marathon plus --- 15 high level matches in 9 days! -- that even sounds like a lot of chess to me.

Third, thanks for you kind words about Eric -- In a lot of ways it just all lined up for him this time around.

And a final observation-- Trevor and Eric together have served to inspire a whole new generation of young Illinois chess players helping to transform the Land of Lincoln into the nation's premier junior chess powerhouse.

Thanks again for your friendship and support!


Tim said...


I also would like to thank you for the great coverage of not only Trevor, but other notable players.

Congratulations to Eric Rosen for an absolutely awesome performance!

Scott was fortunate to have a similar experience to Eric's last month in the U2200 World Open when he scored 7.5/9 to tie for first with another player. They split the $14,000 1st place and $10,000
2nd place prizes. More importantly in my opinion, that increased his rating from 2175 to 2239!

I want to encourage Trevor to keep playing and improving. Scott was "stuck" in the high 2100's for a long time. As Alexander Onischuk said about his star student IM Ray Robson: He should not worry about norms; if he plays well, the norms will come.

I believe if Trevor plays well and it sounds like he will have ample opportunity to do so, it will be a matter of when not if he will become a Master.


PMagness said...

Thanks, Tim, for your encouragement. I think "when, not if" are great words for Trevor. And CONGRATULATIONS to Scott for his magnificent performance. That's awesome. :)

Brad, I never thought of Eric & Trevor "inspiring a new generation" - but I think you are right. The crop in which they are currently standing out has been a strong one, and I would not be surprized if there are not some younger players aspiring to follow in Eric's and Trevor's (and Gordon's and Michael's and Zach's) footsteps.