". . . little shall I grace my cause

In speaking for myself. Yet, by your gracious patience,

I will a round unvarnish'd tale deliver . . ."

(William Shakespeare's Othello, I.iii.88-90)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Compassion International

About 10 years ago we began supporting a child through the Christian organization Compassion International. Rakhima (Rakhi for short) was nine years old at the time; now she is 19. We will be able to contribute to her support until she is 21. She lives in the hillside community of G. Udayagiri, about 325 miles west of the city of Bhubaneshwar. Our support of her ($28/month in the beginning, now $32/month) has made it possible for her to attend Gudripori Girl's Home and Hostel, where she receives "Bible teaching, health screening and education, immunizations, hygiene supplies, nutritious meals, recreational activities, leadership training, counseling and educational monitoring. . . ." Our support of Rakhi also provides for her parents to have access to "medical checkups, meetings, literacy programs and alcohol awareness lectures" (information from the CI website). Currently Rakhi attends Sunday School and Vacation Bible School and is performing academically at a tenth grade level. We receive regular letters for her and enjoy writing her back. Her letters consistently begin with a Christian greeting and not only share information about her daily activities but attest to an abiding faith in her Lord Jesus Christ.

If you are looking for a worthy charity, I commend this one to you. I do so especially today, after hearing that another children's relief organization, the former Christian Children's Fund, is changing its name to "ChildFund International" (dropping the word "Christian") so as to be more inclusive. As reported by Fox News, Compassion International has been similarly pressured to drop the tagline "in Jesus' name" from its logo but has refused to do so.

Go here to find out more about Compassion International, and if you are able, please consider adopting a child who needs your help. This is an organization that is committed not only to saving children from a life of poverty but also to saving them from something even worse: an eternity separated from the one true God.

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