". . . little shall I grace my cause

In speaking for myself. Yet, by your gracious patience,

I will a round unvarnish'd tale deliver . . ."

(William Shakespeare's Othello, I.iii.88-90)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Many a Weary Foot

Happy new year!

I have been meaning to do a follow up to my Christmas post. First, my mom is doing as well as can be expected. She has moved to a skilled nursing facility and is starting the process of  rehabilitation following her  fracture and surgery.

We have had quite the week. On top of my mom's surgery, Evan developed an eye infection. We called the doctor's office and tried their home remedies for a couple of days, to no avail. We called back but they were unable to work him in for an appointment and advised us to go to urgent care. The doctor at urgent care was so concerned she called the pediatric ER doctor at the hospital. Apparently what began as a sty went into cellulitis, which is not something to be messed with, particularly not on the face. Antibiotics were prescribed and within a day we were seeing improvement. Again I give thanks for modern medicine.

Our puppy enjoyed his first Christmas! Here he is lying on his new pillow, covered up with his new blanket, chewing on a new bone, with new toys close by. Did this orphan hit the jackpot when he landed at our house, or what?

All seemed to like their presents. Here's the Cantor trying to decide which one of his spirit-filled chocolates to try first. 

Here's Caitlin displaying one of her gifts. It's about writing. Are you surprised?

Willard is going to miss Trevor as much as the rest of us when he returns to college in a few days.

This pic of "The Quintet" was taken Christmas Eve.

I was thrilled to receive several items on my wish list. Trevor and Caitlin got me a Garmin for my car (they know, more than anyone, how much I need it) and Phillip got me a new video camera (my Flip is dying and for months now I have been taking video with my phone). You video watchers can rejoice with me in that one. Better quality coming soon!

When Evan gave me his present he told me it was going to change my life. It absolutely has. I didn't have a necklace like this and now I do! Oops, I mean pendant. Every time I call it a necklace I am corrected: "It's not a necklace, Mom; it's a pendant." Whatever it's called, I love it! According to Phillip, Evan picked this out himself. He did a good job, no?

We had a lovely New Year's Eve. Watched some TV, including A Spongebob Christmas, ate leftovers, drank some wine, watched the ball drop in New York City, and afterward sang "Auld Lang Syne" (it was only 11:00 but we pretended it was 12:00). I found myself wondering how many more years we will all be together on New Year's Eve. Our children are growing up. The day will come when they will have others to whom they want to cling on New Year's Eve. That is as it should be and as I pray it is. But as the years go on each "Auld Lang Syne" seems to be getting more significant than the last. These days are not forever.

I leave you with today's Writing from the Treasury of Daily Prayer. I read it last night with Evan and Caitlin and had them repeat with me the following words: "I am baptized! I am baptized! Hallelujah!" What else need we say?

"Should the Christian stand all day long at the grave of all joys which he enjoyed in past years? Through Holy Baptism a great stream of joy has been conducted in his heart, which does not drain away, but streams forward with his life until its waves carry him into the sea of a blessed eternity. Should the Christian be reminded all day long that the flowers of his youth fall more and more? He stands planted by God in the water of his Baptism as a palm tree which becomes greener and greener and whose leaves never wither. Yes, his Baptism makes death for him like a short winter's nap, out of which an eternal spring--an eternal youth--follows. . . .

Now then, all of you who believe in God's Word, let your watchword for entering the new year be this: 'I am baptized!' Although the world may laugh at this comfort, the enthusiasts vex its confidence . . . nevertheless, abandon any other dearly held pledges and speak only throughout the entire year to come, in all terrors of conscience and necessity through sin and death: 'I am baptized! I am baptized! Hallelujah!' And you shall prevail! In every time of need, you will find comfort in your Baptism; on account of it Satan will flee from your faith and confession; and in death you will see heaven opened and will finally come into the joy of your Lord to celebrate a great year of jubilee, a year of praise, with all the angels forever and ever. Amen!" - C. F. W. Walther


Anonymous said...

The Evan/pendant part is my favorite. :)


Anonymous said...

I'm one of your faithful readers - the gal who admired you from afar at Doxology. I had meant to tell you how much I loved your "First Book" post. When I did my first book it was also a Christmas gift for one of our sons, a recap of his first trip with us to the west coast. The entire book built to the final page featuring "The Atlantic Ocean". In all of my creativity I mixed up the two, very different, bodies of water. The kind kid didn't even tell me about the mistake for some time. It was funny then and it's funny now.

I also wanted to tell you that there's hope that you'll have many more New Years Eves with your children, even as they grow into adulthood. We've found that our twenty-somethings and teens choose to stay or return home and celebrate with the parents and the other dear family we invite over each year. It still amazes me sometimes that they are mature enough to see that attending NYE church service and then playing games and celebrating with cherished friends is a pretty amazing way to welcome in a new year. Here's to many "coming home" to the family celebrations for you.

Cheryl said...

Anon, your first book sounds amazing! The fact that you mixed up the two oceans just makes it all that much more yours. :-) Thank you for your encouragement. I do believe we'll have many more of these times together, not only with our adult children but some day with our adult children and their families. What a wonderful time that will be! I am also thankful our children don't have a desire to go out and "party" on New Year's Eve but are content to spend it in church and with family. Such a blessing.

God bless you and yours in the new year. I still look forward to meeting you one of these days!